Promotional Materials

Copyright Statement:

Any use of images, videos and promotional materials (hereinafter referred to as "promotional files") owned by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau (hereinafter referred to as "the Bureau") must be in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  1. After downloading the promotional files of the Bureau, please use them in their entirety. It is prohibited to edit, modify, re-make, change, distribute, issue, publish or upload, transmit, import or provide them to other websites.
  2. The promotional files shall not be used for the purpose of earning commercial profit only. If they are used commercially, such use will be limited to the promotion of Taiwan tourism or the introduction of tourist spots in Taiwan.
  3. The promotional files downloaded by our members belong to the Bureau. Whenever using them, the statement "courtesy of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau" must accompany the image.
  4. It is not necessary for our members to sign in to use the low-resolution images and brochures. If the high-resolution (300dpi) images, videos and advertisements are necessary, please register onto our website first.